• What is the current turn around?

    • How do you ship and how much is shipping?

    • How to wash appliqued and embroidered clothing?

    • What order do monogrammed initials go in?

    What is the current turn around? top

    Your order will ship within 2 weeks on in stock items. When ordering custom bottoms, please allow 2-3 weeks for your order to ship. Unless discussed/purchased, your order will ship complete once all items are completed. Allow an additional 2-4 days for shipping. I strive to get orders shipped ASAP but during busy seasons, it may take the full 2 weeks. If you are needing your order by a certain date, please notify me! I can add a RUSH Fee if needed within 2-3 days. 

    How do you ship and how much is shipping? top

    I ship via USPS for most all packages, unless otherwise requested. All orders come with delivery confirmation and tracking information. Shipping typically takes 2-4 days.  I have a set shipping cost of $3.50 for the first item. All additional items are calculated based on weight with a maximum charge of $12.50. All orders over $125 ship free!!  If you feel the shipping charge is inaccurate please notify me. 

    How to wash appliqued and embroidered clothing? top

    To keep your applique or monogram looking its best on clothing, I highly recommend washing in cold water on gentle cycle and laying flat or hanging to dry. Do not iron directly on the thread. High iron temperatures may burn the thread! Instead iron from the back side or use a pressing cloth.

    Baby and toddler clothing will come with a soft backing that has been ironed over the back of the applique or monogram that keeps the stitching from irritating their skin. It will most likely come loose after a few washes. This is ok! You can iron it back down or pull it off. It will not affect the quality of the stitching. Please, however, do not cut threads or stabilizer (the material that the thread is imbedded in) as this will cause the stitching to come undone.

    Remember that I am not responsible for any item that is not cared for appropriately. 

    What order do monogrammed initials go in? top

    A traditional monogram reads: first name initial, LAST name initial, middle name initial. For example; Ally Beth Cummings would be monogrammed aCb. The last name initial is in the middle and is larger. Please always leave me the initials IN THE ORDER THEY WILL APPEAR ON THE ITEM! I always want the initials given to me in correct MONOGRAM order. When typing this into the "name or initials" box under the item you are ordering, it's best to use lowercase for the first name and middle name and uppercase for the last name so that I know you understand what order I need them in, like this: aCb.  All items will be embroidered in the order that I recieve so please double check!!! 

    For boys: you can choose to have the initilas all one size: first, middle, last (abc/ABC) or with the last name initial larger and in the center (aCb). 

    Regardless of who you are ordering for, it's always best to provide the person's full name so that I can verify that I have the initials in the correct order.